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I drove past this clothing store yesterday and got very confused with the logo. Is it me or it is really confusing? Bealls, Bells… I don’t know, but took me some time to figure it out.

What are you thoughts?

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  1. George

    I would have to agree with you Teo. Since I don’t know the clothing store you’re talking about, I looked it up. They seem pretty big. For me it is totally crazy, for such a big company to have an absolutely bad logo. I bet if they had their whole brand identity redone, they’d do much better business.

  2. Nick

    A little research would have shown you that it is a family name that is pronounced Bells and not Bee-alls. The bell serves a very functional purpose of making it clear how to pronounce the name.

  3. Teo

    Well, Nick thank you for your comment. I would have to disagree with you though. When you see a logo out there, you’re supposed to automatically be able to read it and understand it. If you have to do a “little research” before you’re able to understand it and read it, then it is totally missing its impact.

    I’ve asked some out-of-advertising-business ordinary people for their opinion and they all had trouble understanding it.

  4. Dafni

    Hi. I agree on this with Teo. The first time I saw the sign, I could not understand what it said!? I tried to pronounce it but could not. My friend told me what it said, but she too said it does not make sense not the best logo.
    I disagree with Nick because for any logo u see when u go by u dont just stop right there and do a little research so u can understand what it means?? That is crazy. I know that with one look you should get the meaning right away. That shows a good logo and well made.
    The name bells, is one word and not two, so u would not put the bell between E and L but before the B or after the S or somewhere else as a design. I think its common sense right there.
    Im an artists myself and I see that small detail.

  5. Kaity

    Hi Teo,

    I am totally confused from what I saw. I would say that it says ”Bealls” and for sure it wouldn’t ring me a ”bell” that this is a clothing brand. I agree that you should understand a logo just with a look.

  6. elina

    I thinks its clear to me. it is “bealls”. Maybe because english is not my mother tongue?

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